I appear to have picked up some more followers, or at least followers who have noticed, because I’ve blogged about walking and related adventures, such as Cornwall Park.

The most common subject I hear in the leadership world right now is about well-being. It’s a broad subject and seems to cover physical and mental health when it is referred.

We all know it’s important to be in good health, so why the increased consciousness about well-being now?

I did my 201st walk last week for 2019. I probably won’t make 400, but they’re longer now, so maybe 365 is a good goal!

iStock-950716438.jpgWell-being is really about satisfaction, happiness or contentment. You chose the word that suits.

I’m not particularly satisfied that I’ve completed 201 walks, but I am increasingly happy and content from the energy, space and health that those 201 walks have provided me with.

And you can do it almost anywhere.




One thought on “201

  1. Lately Stephen I walk every morning I can for an hour where I now live and never leave my own shared land space. At 6.30 am I can get my walk in without seeing any other people but plenty of wildlife instead. Then I can occasionally extend my walk in conversation with people I meet on the road.

    I asked my GP a while back what the secret was with his oldest patients, and his reply was “They are all walkers!”

    To walk is to be able to see, feel and be in the world as it is!

    Maybe by walking I can buy myself some more time to act locally

    Keep up the posts and I will read them

    I have emailed you my new address. Drop in some time and we can visit a sacred grove we have here!



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