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I’m blogging here about authentic leadership from what I see, hear and experience. I share my own stories where there are leadership insights for me.

In 2009 I founded the Centre for Innovative Leadership at AUT University in Auckland, New Zealand.  Through the Centre I developed and ran authentic and innovative leadership programmes for senior leaders.  Before my journey into leadership development I had a career in fraud and although I didn’t know it at the time, the understanding that comes from dealing with a wide range of people, some at their worst, was invaluable in growing an understanding of the human condition. Being happy is my life’s purpose and my leadership development work and own career are both guided by this principle.

I now work within Consulting at PwC in Auckland combining my forensic work as lead of PwC Forensic Services and with PwC leadership development.

On the formal front I have an MBA and a post-graduate Diploma in Business (Finance) from The University of Auckland and I am accredited in a number of personality profiling and feedback instruments including Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Saville Wave and FIRO-B. I am a Chartered Member of the Human Resources Institute, the Institute of Directors in New Zealand and the YMCA Marathon Club too.

My experience is that leadership is learned wherever we go and keeping an open mind will grow your leadership.

All feedback gratefully received. Enjoy.



6 thoughts on “About Stephen

  1. Hi Stephen,
    Love the picture of your parents with their super smiles (must be from having you as a son)!
    I live in U.S. and must say one of my favorite trips was to hike the Milford track in your gorgeous country. However, what I thought was going to be a “simple ” hike in sneakers was a challenge for four days of up, up and well, mostly up.
    I learned a lot about leadership and mindfulness as i kept breathing and staying in the “here and now”.
    I also believe that authentic leadership means being aligned with who we are both at work and at home. For so long we have lived with the illusion we are to be different at work than at home and that has caused tension and frustration.
    Keep up the great work.
    Sylvia Lafair, author “Don’t Bring It to Work”


  2. It was with pleasure that I read your blog about the Zonta fashion show on Wednesday. I also thought it was a great event and it was marvellous to have so many people attend this worthwhile funding raising event.


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