No circulars please, we’re special in here!

Although the metal sign on my letterbox requests that no circulars be placed inside, the Auckland City deliverer can be guaranteed to still distribute their weekly newsletter. Usually, as I put out the rubbish and recycling bin on Sunday evening there is a quick transfer from letterbox to bin and I give it no more thought.

For some reason this week I took the newsletter inside and read about a new development at a park that that the city had acquired and was to develop further –  Monte Cecilia Park in Hillsborough.

Earlier this afternoon I asked my (just turned) 17 year old son Tim if he would like to go for a walk in the Domain.  We were about to head off when my neighbour Rhonda greeted us and suggested we visit that new park in Hillsborough. Good idea we agreed and after Rhonda helpfully found the address for us we headed there.  It turns out it’s less than 5 minutes drive from home.

The park is huge, tucked away from the main road, but with a The residue of Guy Fawkes nightsweeping landscape of lawn and enormous rubber trees. Our arrival in the carpark took the number of cars from 2 to 3.  A rubbish bin jammed full of the residue of a wild Guy Fawkes night greeted us.

On the leadership work we do we sometimes use photographs as prompts to talk about ourselves and where we are at. This seemed like a great place to take some more photographs and I did, explaining to Tim what I might use the photographs for.

Tim’s a young 17 year old – often mistaken for much younger and still loves family time and adventure with Dad. I asked Tim if we were to take a photo of anything in the park to describe his life and where he was at, what would he choose.

“Well I think I would be that rather scrawny little tree up by the really big trees” he said after some thought.  “Tell me more” I encouraged. “I am small, but I’m getting bigger and I will grow up into a big tree, but right now I’m small”.  “And what about the big trees, what do they mean for you?” I enquired, “they protect me and look after me while I’m still growing”.

Monte Cecilia Park, Hillsborough, AucklandWhoever you ask this of, their imagery will be special, and will be different – sitting back and taking the time to hear where others are at, encouraging them to use their imagery can be the most special thing  – you might be surprised how much others need you.

Every leadership story is unique. Every person’s story is unique. Take the time to find it and you might just find more than you could ever hope for.

No Circulars Please! We’re special in here!

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