How big is your universe?

From the work of physicists, especially the brilliant Stephen Hawking we know that the universe is pretty big – perhaps about 46 billion light years from earth to the edge.  For me when I think about this stuff, my mind can’t quite get around it. That could be because perhaps the only thing I have in common with Hawkings is his name and not his mind!

But for me it does put many things into perspective.  How big is your universe?Business can be tough, competitive and sometimes a grind.  It’s easy in tough times to baton down the hatches, to guard the gates and see every gain by another as a loss for you.  But is this right?  As leaders, do we really believe the universe is limited?  I’m a firm believer in abundance in all things.  There’s enough out there that my success doesn’t mean someone else’s loss and visa versa.

If all the people in my line of work do well, then we all do.  It’s good for us all. Some might say it’s naive, that the competition will take advantage of me.  They could be right, but they can’t take away your values and the universe you exist in.  And others can see that.

So I reckon that with 46 billion light years in one direction, that there’s enough for all of us, and that success for one will never preclude success for another.

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