Separation anxiety

I was talking to a good friend yesterday about my son’s departure for England today. I went through all the things he had done to prepare and all those who support him have done too. It all sounds logical, rational and for for my son, it’s no doubt very exciting. A great adventure. After a while my friend declared that I simply had separation anxiety. I’m pretty sure he’s right. Bugger, something I can’t just manage though doing things.

My father told me years afterwards, that when I left home at (just) 18 to join the police, he felt much the same. I can remember the leaving, feeling pretty confident, excited and wondering why my parents looked somewhat serious! Now I know. I said my goodbyes and strode to the aeroplane.

Finding your own feet and being responsible for what happens, and dealing with it, is probably the first (and arguably the most important) leadership step.

So as he sets off, it’s a tear in my eye for sure, but those broad shoulders will confidently walk through to immigration and off he’ll be. I’m certain he’ll have a great time. I miss him already and he hasn’t quite gone. Lovely young man he is. But he has to look forward. I did.



2 thoughts on “Separation anxiety

  1. Absolutely correct and we all experience that – even living apart as friends can leave you with a sense of anxiety when it’s often them you want to call on first before your own family. We know that he is having a whale of a time – as we did at his age. He knows you’re there, as you did when you left home with the safeguard that Mum and Dad were always going to be there. So having those experiences you can now enjoy the best of both worlds. A leader who understands feelings and empathy and a Dad who is simply missing his son. Either way its a win win situation. Remind yourself that when he calls you to top up the cash card. Have a great day.

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  2. Good on you for being so authentic Stephen. Be proud that you have equipped your son with a sense of adventure and confidence. When I left home at 18, I was the one who had acute separation anxiety. I reflect, now that I have kids of my own, that my parents had equipped me with apron strings rather than a set of wings. All the best


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