James Bulger was the FBI’s most wanted until last week when he was arrested in Los Angeles. So I’m watching the Martin Scorsese movie The Departed which is based on the life of Bulger.

I guess Bulger won’t see freedom again, if he’s convicted of any one of the 17 murders he’s accused of committing. You might say he’s departed the community already.

I’ve watched many people depart from various workplaces. Sometimes voluntarily, sometimes when they didn’t want to, sometimes with regret and sometimes they even stay when they’ve like, departed.

The cool blue of the Auckland Museum by night

We should all challenge ourselves that what we’re doing is meaningful and brings happiness to our lives. If it doesn’t then we should have departed, not just emotionally but physically too. 

There are always more options open than we realise. If you’re bringing yourself and others happiness then fantastic. If either of those are not, then be real. You won’t regret it.

When I’m not happy doing what I am doing, I’ll be moving on. Promise.

Otherwise it just gets messy. Like the end of this movie. Very messy. Blood on the floor.



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