A week of leadership

It’s Leadership Week week in New Zealand, thanks to Sir Peter Blake Trust. It’s a week of awards and events in schools, businesses and anyone who’s interested or cares about leadership. That’s a great thing and I hope you can get involved somehow. You might also be thinking, well, leadership is a way of life for me in my role, my community and my organisation. I don’t need a week of it to be reminded. I agree, so here’s an idea. Why not think of one thing you want to change about your own leadership and disclose that to someone who won’t know.

It will be an opportunity to put authenticity into practice in a surprisingly refreshing way for the unsuspecting recipient. They’ll be able to help you and you them by showing vulnerability.

I’d like to say a personal thanks to the team at the Sir Peter Blake Trust. I find them authentic and engaging and this year you’ll find the Centre for Innovative Leadership on the inside back cover of their Leadership Magazine. Which makes leadership week, well, very worthwhile! And what better topic to celebrate for a whole week anyway. Enjoy.


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