Authentically Authentic

When I thought that about the concept of an authentic leadership course last year I had a feeling that other people would eventually grow this concept and what it means.  This week on the AUT Authentic Leadership Course, we have been very encouraged by the growth in understanding that all those we interacted with have taken from our authenticity.

“There’s no artificial stress”

“This course has a strong authentic identity”

“How does the strategy you are proposing relate to the organisation’s authentic purpose?”

“Everyone here is being themselves. It’s refreshing”

is a sample of some comments as the participants and others have interacted in the week-long journey. Reflecting at the end of this course I am struck by the deep desire in us all to lose the artificial constructs we put up in our work and home life so we can just be ourselves. One self. One authentic self.

I love it when participants and others comment that we role-model the authenticity. Actually it’s not that hard. We’re not pretending. It’s authentic.

Authentically Authentic. Go for it!



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