All pumped up to go nowhere

We’re only three hours into the Authentic Leadership Course and I have a moment of reflection. We all know that adrenalin is a killer, so to speak, but console ourselves that it’s useful in getting ourselves moving/presenting/whatever.

I’m not so sure. This course has started and will continue I am sure without the use of that drug. Already, deep connections are being made and we are speaking of the trust that is already building. Building because we are all being ourselves. There’s no adrenalin-pumping stunts that seem to fill much of our business life – presumably to impress others and “get the point across”.

Get the point across. That’s it – feeding out stuff to unsuspecting and eventually unreceptive audiences – whether that be a class, a team or a board.

Three hours can get you to Sydney. It can also get you connecting in places you never thought possible with people you’ve never met before.

Imagine what you could do at work if you relaxed, trusted and lost the mask.  Now there’s a leader’s vision.

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