Happy on your holiday?

I know I’m not the first, in fact I might be the last, but I’m back at work.  I got that strange feeling again I get about 4 days away from going back to work that says “why do you work?! is that really necessary?”.

On the way out this evening from the office I ran into the cleaner “so it was a tough day?” he enquired “yeah but the first day always is but I reckon I’ll be back!”

So having got those thoughts out I’m back.  New and improved with sunburn behind my knees.  Yes, for the first time in over 4 years of running I burnt the back of my knees running the Waiheke Wharf2Wharf on Saturday.  Not quite sure why?? What fantastic views and equally fantastic hills.  It was a beautiful day, but certainly one of the more challenging events I’ve been in.

The break gave me a chance to read, run and rest.  It was great.  I’m re-reading Stephen Hawking’s A brief history of time which I find fascinating and certainly puts into perspective our lives.  Actually we’re pretty lucky just to be here (the odds were very long), not to mention living in a relatively safe, open, free country with the best outdoors imaginable. Those of you that came on the Authentic Leadership Course will know the value of what the outdoors can teach us about leadership so I’m determined to continue in that vein both personally and professionally this year.

So what happened to leadership over the break?  Well the prime minister went to Hawaii and left his deputy to look after us.  We didn’t mind, in fact we didn’t really notice did we? The PM obviously trusted his deputy to take the reins while he had a break with family (good call I say).  As for the deputy, well he seemed to not interfere with what we were doing – we just got on and did it.

Maybe as leaders we all need to go on holiday a bit more often.  What do you think?


ps Should we help our fellow humans in Haiti out?  The tectonic plates showed their usual indifference to human needs and the resulting tragedy is really quite horrific. I’ll give a bit to Doctors without Borders I think.

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