Lesson one from 2009: there is more than one lesson!

I’m fortunate – I don’t work in a salt mine – though I do like my life to have full flavour. These are my New Year’s day ramblings looking back on my leadership lessons from 2009. They’re personal to me – there’s only one person in the world you can change – and for me, that’s me.  I’ve put in italics what these things mean to me.  They might not mean the same thing or anything to you.  That’s okay.

  1. Being happy really is important, really important.  Could be all there is!  Will you follow an unhappy leader?
  2. There is no superhero who can change anything!  (except you).  You’re the leader, so lead.
  3. We all have a default expression – mine is grim, so I better watch it ‘cos I’m laughing inside!  First impressions can count.
  4. I love distance running – the more I do the better I feel.  It helps me to focus, solve problems, keep healthy, try ideas out with my fellow runners and I see more of the country than I ever thought possible.  A healthy leader is around longer.
  5. Give.  That was a promise I made in March.  It’s an attitude shift and much easier and more rewarding than I thought it would be.  It’s not  to be confused with marketing or sampling.  It’s giving only.  Leadership is about giving for others.
  6. Twelve months ago I was going through changes.  Many people helped me for which I am very grateful.  I notice there are people right now going through similar changes.  I hope I can return the support given to me to others.  Leadership is about giving for others (again!)
  7. I’ll never give up having fun and laughing.  Authenticity.
  8. Someone will wrong you.  But in the end you’ll learn so much you will be grateful for the experience. Reflection is a powerful leadership habit.
  9. I try not to pretend.  Authenticity.

In 2010 I want to let my creativity flow to discover new ways to continue to learn about leadership with other happy people who want to make a difference.  Full flavour for me in 2010.

So when I say happy new year, the happy part really is important.

Happy new year!


ps did you know that in New Zealand’s largest wine growing region, Marlborough, we mine salt?

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