Are you cutting corners to save time?

During an afternoon coffee with a friend today we talked about a significant event that had impacted on both of us over a period of time.  My friend had initially been somewhat on the peripheral of what was going on and I had assumed that the details of the events were not necessarily of great importance to him.

How wrong I was.

During our discussion it became apparent that what I had seen as unnecessary explanation or detail was in fact rightly perceived as non-disclosure.  My friend was not judgemental in this regard but was honest in seeking to understand why it appeared that I had made selected and timely disclosures of information as it suited me.

I believed I was simply saving time.  I know that I was also avoiding potentially difficult conversations which I had not been ready for.  I was cutting corners.  Not only was that wrong,  I shouldn’t have even been on the road.  I wasn’t ready.

Not everyone needs every detail.  But when you are dealing with your trust bank, there really is no short cut.

Don’t get on the road, if you’re thinking of taking short cuts! People will notice. I was fortunate this time to have a friend who believed in me enough to tell me.

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