Are you prepared to model the real you?

This evening I had the pleasure of attending a fashion show put on by the Auckland Zonta Club.  Zonta I discovered, is an international organisation dedicated to advancing the status of women.  This was no ordinary fashion show.  Held in the beautiful Fables Antique rug gallery in Parnell, Auckland the models were almost all, well, not models. But you’d hardly know it!

Here were women from all walks of life, all ages, parading it out in front of a big crowd seated around the rugs to an eclectic music mix including Carmen, Paolo Conte and Michael Jackson.

My immediate reaction was this was a beautiful display – all the women were beautiful.  And brave.  Braver than all of us on the rugs, that’s for certain.

I’ve blogged a bit about authenticity and uncovering the real you to find the authentic leader that exists in us all.

When we’re comfortable enough in our own shoes, when we know who we are and why, we’re comfortable to present ourselves to the world as that real person.

In return we win respect from those around us and become role models for others to aspire to.

Zonta turned this concept into glamorous reality tonight.

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