Where is the peace?

Front page of the NZ Herald today features a story about the Peace Foundation. It seems that anything other than peace is reigning at an organisation dedicated to promoting peace – internal fighting, resignations at the top and public excluded from meetings. For some time, I have been helping someone with a significant and painful dispute. Today an important and public step was made to resolve the dispute by my friend. There will be consequences for him (and more work still to be done), but he has been left with a sense of lightness and hope for the future. As I looked to the other party I wondered as did others: Will they have peace? Will what my friend has done pave the way for them to be peaceful. We all hope so, but we’re not sure.

Today was a beautiful day in Auckland. The sun shone and it felt like spring was close. As the sun set out the west side of my home I reflected on the day. Would what my friend has done bring down this painful dispute for everyone. I sincerely hope so as does he. Could he have done more? Not really, but actually I realised a truth that I already knew.

Peace is internal. No person or thing can give it to us. Lotto, a new job, a new house or car are great but will they give us peace? It might feel like it, for a moment. But the place to go is for many a scary and less travelled place than the lotto shop or the lawyer. It’s inside. Have a go. It’s got all the answers for you.

That will be the real Foundation of Peace.


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