Leaving home is hard

After a year on the market my house finally sold before Christmas. After so many open homes – always keeping the house pristine – deals that didn’t go through and new advertising promotions, the prospect of a sale became all consuming.

There was contentment on reaching a deal, even some happiness, but when the time came to prepare to move this month, dread set in. How could I leave my home of 12 years? After all, I have lived there longer than any other house in my life. I had made it perfect for me.

A colleague of many years left last week, the day before my move, to pursue his own journey last week. He made a big decision to disrupt for the future.

When he left it was an opportunity to reflect on the value of relationships and the often unspoken meaning that comes with valuable relationships at work.

Leaving my home has been a necessary disruption to make way for my future housing plans.

Tonight while I was showing the new owners all the little things they should know, two little girls appeared at the front door.  Neighbours with farewell drawings. So sweet. Their way of letting me know that they valued our friendship.


Nothing new and really meaningful can happen without disruption and for me a bit of pain. But it’s a good thing. A great clean out, a new neighbourhood and proving I really do know how that complicated A/V system goes together!

So for me, a silver lining although I do wonder what it’s like to be completely content in the present state. Does that bring similar joy in the end?

In the end, whatever works. And stay tuned for my new beginnings on the home front.

Happy new year.









One thought on “Leaving home is hard

  1. Happy New Year Stephen,

    Changes aplenty it seems! 2019 seems to be a year for reflection and moving on! it is interesting that Dr Spencer Johnson’s posthumous fable Out of the Maze was released late 2018. It is the sequel to Who Moved My Cheese? It covers the actions (and inactions) of Hem. That is until he meets Hope! It is a fable for those of us who are in a state of stuckedness.

    Our family home of almost 18 years was sold to our next door neighbour on September 27th 2018. The sudden upheaval left me in a fragile state but it has resulted in freedom of possibility. December 23rd saw me turn 64 and to watch At Eternity’s Gate. I have since watched this movie for a second time as it gave me insight into the psychotic condition. The same week I moved into a house sit in Matakana and have subsequently found a place to board in Matakana which is affectionally known as Devonport North.

    I grew up in a village and wish to see out my later life in a village environment. Matakana village meets those needs.

    Having the freedom of possibility requires responsibility and thus the 2019 year begins with options. My daughter Anna has also changed her role in Melbourne now working for Michelle McQuaid starting from January 30th. Wellness and wellbeing are necessary conditions. So too is transparency, especially in relationship aspects.

    Lovely letters from your neighbours. Go well Stephen in your decisions for 2019. Maybe see you in Matakana sometime?

    Thanks for the insightful posts

    Ross Milne


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