Dalton Trumbo was a Hollywood screenwriter who refused to answer questions before a congressional committee “investigating” un-American activities. Along with 10 other writers he was put on a blacklist and, like thousands of others, treated as a traitor, a communist and un-American.

Before seeing the movie I hadn’t heard of Trumbo, but I know a bit about the anti-communist hysteria that existed in many countries during the Cold War.

Misguided people who marginalise and build fear against minorities have existed over many millennia.

It’s a great story told as a movie, and there’s important reminders in it for leaders, especially now.



One thought on “Trumbo

  1. Stephen

    Dalton Trumbo wrote a novel entitled Johnny Got His Gun in 1938 published in 1939. The copy I have was published in 1982 with Dalton Trumbo’s addendum to the introduction January 3 1970, relating to the Vietnam War.

    I recommend this as a Must Read for anyone interested in leadership per se.

    I wonder what Dalton Trumbo would have had to add to a 21st century release. Especially with the latest round of invalids as a result of . . . ! Well read Johnny Got His Gun to understand.

    Go well in the New Year



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