First Night

It’s been a bit of a first night for me these last 7 weeks getting used to my new role and lots of things have suffered in the meantime, including my blogging here which I enjoy so much.  But I’m back.  A bit of time out of Auckland recently has seen me flying much more than I’m used to and if you know me you’ll know that it’s not something I’ve enjoyed recently but even that’s going okay somehow.  Conditioning.

Sarah Brightman is the First Night - but she doesn't sing much (photo courtesy of

The movie First Night is a farce. A funny movie set in the beautiful Manderston House in Scotland.  Always wanted a two kilometre long stone driveway.  I used to listen to lots of opera but haven’t much lately. I think I’m into it again after First Night. It’s about the production of Mozart’s comic opera Cosi Fan Tutte and it’s glorious music, great setting and very funny too.

Sometimes you just need a feel good movie to get you back on track.  As I let the story glide over me I realised these last seven weeks have been pretty intensive. Now it’s time to get back to being happy for myself, now that I’m settling in.  And enjoy life.

That’s leadership. Leading yourself into a great spot.

I’ll be better tomorrow for it.  Hope it’s all good for you too.



4 thoughts on “First Night

  1. Your blog has a realism about it. We all have intense times in our lives and then feel we have to take a raincheck. You have had your seven weeks and now settling back on an even keel. I love the phrase “leading yourself into a great spot”.
    Thanks for you blog Stephen.


  2. A couple of comments Steve that I don’t want you to take the wrong way but . . .

    (a) You need to harden up on the flying issue – any fireball is on you before you know it and in the meantime you just make the rest of us uncomfortable . . .

    (b) Mozart never did anything after the first 36 years of his life whereas Bobby Z is still going at 70 . . . that’s genius.


  3. I’ve missed your regular blogs – nice to see it this morning in my Inbox again and while I’m listening to one of your favourite CD’s – not in the same class as Mozart but good stuff for Monday’s. Have a great and enjoyable week!


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