A blog a day for leadership?

I’m officially back at work this week and feeling very pleased with a number of things: a great break, some good runs, family time, read some books and refreshed this blog. So how about I blog more frequently  to keep it real fresh I’ve been thinking? Then I discovered that there was a challenge to do this on the provider that hosts this site – to blog once a day or once a week.

There’s a risk of course: quantity rather than quality. I think that no matter how I try, blogging every day is likely to turn into a chore that needs to be done, rather than adding value. But blogging once a week is about what I do now. So how about I go somewhere inbetween? Say 3 times a week for a total of 150 times this year.  If I can get something out of the blogging, who knows you might too. You might even like to suggest ideas for a blog. What are some thoughts and views about some current issues? I’ll probably be able to have an opinion and if not I might be able to pose some questions. I’ll blog as I have in the past about my own leadership experiences, insights from the Courses I run at the Centre for Innovative Leadership and other stuff, sometimes just for fun.

It has often seemed that everyday there is some moment that I’ve especially enjoyed or learned from. So now I’ll need to see whether my moments are worth my frequent ramblings!

Subscribe to this site on the top right and you’ll received an email with a direct link to the lastest blog when it’s posted. I promise you won’t be reading for long and if you get anything out of it feel free to leave a comment. As a bride to win friends I’ll give a book on leadership to one lucky subscriber from the first 50 on 1 March 2011.

So what’s this blog got to do with leadership? Well everything really – it’s my way of saying, you live, lead and grow each and every day. Not just when you’re in the mood.



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