Stop playing with the Bell!

We found the Bus to Three Kings, Tim and I, during our visit to Museum of Transport and Technology yesterday. We didn’t find Great Grandma Schmidt’s knitting machine but we did see Helen Clark’s Step-Thru Scooter that she rode to Auckland University while she was studying in the early 70s.  We did find the limo that Rob Muldoon used which must have been driven by my Uncle Colin.

We caught the tram to the Aviation part of MOTAT and predictably, some kids on the tram played with the bell. Well it’s there isn’t it and despite the sign indicating we’re headed to Remuera, there’s only one stop between the two MOTATs, the Zoo. So the cry from the driver “Stop playing with the Bell!” didn’t cause any unnecessary stops.

We’d had a holiday weekend at home, started with the New Zealand black comedy Predicament, followed by Fish and Chips from the Mt Eden Fish shop, a DVD. I’d committed to no long runs this weekend, but Tim thought we’d had such great time together, he was relaxed about me heading out for a run this morning – a new run which I’ve named the Prime Ministers Run during which I caught up with my friends the Osborns in Mt Pleasant Road and upon leaving there for the last 2ks encountered a most unPleasant flash flood from hail.

This afternoon we cycled across the soon to be opened new south-bound

Newmarket Viaduct. Caught by the rain again!

Tonight it’s been subway for dinner, homework all done and Troy on DVD. (Silly men believing the gods are directing their war. Sound familiar?).

Time building a relationship. Perfect. Ring the bell for a great weekend.


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