Seeing through the fog

There’s been a bit of fog around the super city recently and getting around has been super slow. On a day trip to Hamilton (I was mocked for referring to the journey as a “road trip” but hell, we got above 40 km/h) it was a beautiful clear day with the fog residing above the Bombays for once!

This morning I was on the 28th floor of a city building with a spectacular view out over the city, the harbour, the port, the tank farm and beyond.  My host perhaps didn’t realise it but is was just the medicine I needed after a fortnight of niggles about stuff that didn’t matter in the long term (as it turned out) – a builder who can’t complete a job, a communications company that simply can’t understand my minor an easily fixable grievance and my monthly favourite – the cashflow!

We often hear about taking a strategic view, rising above the detail and getting a perspective.  Life has felt a bit foggy this week but today has brought some clarity.  The builder has committed for next week, the communications company saw sense and I understood my cashflow.  On Tuesday I encountered someone wearing a Hamil-tron “city of the future” T-shirt. Maybe it is – when the fog clears the future is clear.

And Hamilton is certainly on my side today – thanks to the good folk there, this blog has recorded the highest number of hits ever today (and it’s only 1.00pm!).

What is your fog today?  Could you clear it and take the long view?

Have a great weekend everyone.



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