People come first

Stephen Tindall visited us today. Talking to him I noticed a man who was both interesting and interested.

Stephen Drain, Jonathan Kirkpatrick, Alastair MacCormick, Kevin Pryor and Sir Stephen Tindall

He took the time to engage one-on-one with all of those present seeking to understand their businesses and aspirations.

Naturally, we were pleased to engage and spoke about our leadership development and focus on authenticity. That The Warehouse

are clients and Stephen Tindall is a graduate of AUT were added bonuses and he promised to read our materials.  Thank you.

Speaking to the wider group he said that when considering new companies for his investment company K1W1 to invest in, he looks at three aspects:

  • People
  • Technology
  • IP

In that order. People come first.

Not surprising for a great leader to think that.

After he had gone I expressed light-hearted disappointment to my team that no-one had addressed his as Sir Stephen, as he is. “Oh that’s right!”, declared Raewyn. Then we realised. This leader didn’t need a title. It was obvious.


ps I did reassure the team that if they felt the need to say the sir before Stephen for the afternoon, then go for. After all, I don’t mind being interrupted.


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