Is it a good fit?

With three days remaining until the Rotorua Marathon all the anxieties and sore bits of my body suddenly appear as if by design, in that last week when very little running is actually done, prior to the big day.  The best thing to do in the last week is, well, not much at all. Turn the legs over a couple of times for 30 or 40 minutes my coach and running colleagues all confirm.

Someone told me recently that the paradox of authentic leadership – being yourself and being there for others – can actually be more demanding than the command and control manager.  It seems that authenticity is for me, a place I’m in my groove and it’s not that hard.  But the demanding bit can sometimes be being there for everyone else.  In fact, the whole scenario is a bit of a paradox isn’t it:  I’m authentic, but I need to be there for you, even if that’s not me at that moment. More energy is exerted by the authentic leader because he or she genuinely walks in others shoes to nuture, grow and develop them.

Leadership is not for everyone and everyone is not fit for leadership.  But if you’re going to do it, I reckon you better get yourself resilient to look after your team and supporters by being physically fit. For me that’s running (did you guess?!) and some days, like today when I went for that last 30 minute run, it not only formed part of an overall training regime, it gave me the headspace to sort out a few things and come back refreshed.  Ask my PA Raewyn.  She’ll confirm it I’m sure!

We have a special resilience session on our AUTCIL Authentic Leadership Course – and it’s got a special new component on this upcoming course (can’t say or it would spoil the surprise). It’s important stuff for authentic leaders.

As leaders you’re got to be fit, otherwise it won’t be a good fit.

As for Saturday, can’t wait.

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