Better the devil you know

He’s a funny character. Inappropriately dressed for our southern hemisphere summer, a bit dodgy at times, but somehow the old guy survives. You can’t deny that if the test of leadership is followers, then Santa has to be up there with the best!

Situational leadership it may be, but none-the-less he has most pre-teen kids (and quite a few teens too) wrapped around his little finger.

The thought of his presence in the local mall is enough to send hundreds of locals scurrying to visit.

Promises he makes, none of which he can fulfill, but rarely are his followers let down thanks to his wide network of parent-helpers. Imagine if the PTA had this sort of commitment.

“You be good or Santa won’t visit” they say, and the kids follow.

You have to say, his influencing skills are second to none too.

So when you look at his leadership characteristics – wide network of followers, even wider network of supporters, able to influence just by his presence, appears relaxed but clearly high energy, carbon neutral transport system and last but not least, authentic dress style – unmoved by trends.

There is an undercurrent of stick as well as carrot and I’ve often worried about alternative uses of the letters in his name and some other guy who’s often red too.

What the hell, it’s a bit of fun, and we’ve known him all our lives so I say better the devil you know!

Go Santa. What can I help you with?

ps Christmas Music here


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