Nothing happens to us in the future

We’re readying ourselves for the start of another Authentic Leadership Programme. A new venue, new faces and some new ideas. An invigorated Programme.

We’ve been looking forward to this for some time and a lot of hard works has gone it to get prepared and today it arrives.

Planning is incredibly important to get us to where we want to be, and if we don’t plan and execute we can be reasonably confident we won’t get where we want to.

Slow living concept. Inspiration motivation quote Be here now.

However, in leadership development, it’s important to recognise that new insights can often be immediately put into practice and that’s what we’ll be encouraging our seventeen participants to do from today.

As a friend of mine said recently, “you don’t die in the future, it’s now”. Sobering, but a powerful reminder of taking action now, when we can.


Getting ready

On Monday we’ll continue an Authentic Leadership Programme for 18 leaders. There’s a good chance that many of the group coming back together will have been busy – especially busy because of the time out from work on the Programme – to have spent much time focussing on the development work ahead.

I’m feeling a bit like that too. I’ve turned my attention to make sure that the mechanics of the module will work, as you might expect, but getting my head in the right space has had to wait until now.

So will it work to front up on Monday morning good to go? Probably. The key is to be present in that moment, for that moment, during the two days.


A bit like leadership. Being present is incredibly important. And we don’t always get the luxury of time to prepare for that moment. It just happens, and authentic leaders are able to adjust their focus and presence as required.

That’ll be all of us on Monday I hope.  Ready!



No not me! I was at a TransTasman lunch yesterday at Vodafone where Russell Stanners, local CEO and Juan-Jose Juan, Global Head of Innovation Enterprise both spoke. We heard of an integrated world where our various devices knew where to connect to and what we needed at that moment,  because they knew where we were going. In fact, they were telling us how to get there too. I wondered as we heard from Juan-Jose (who said best to call him JJ) what it was like to have a global role. Not that I haven’t encountered such a title before. But talking to him prior to the talk I got the sense of a truly global ambassador for the company who lived, worked and engaged where he happened to be.

We heard about a world where work happens where ever you happen to be, in a manner that suits your needs. No such thing as a desk, desktop or the other symbols of a traditional work environment. Hearing this was like hearing confirmation for how I often work and the tension between this and what some people feel is the real work environment. If I’m honest I think there’s a tension within myself between the flexibility of working wherever I am (like right now at a specialists rooms having some tests!) and only doing work in the allocated place.

There’s a richness for me in working in different and stimulating environments and the delineation between work and home is often blurred. I don’t really mind that and find my creativity enhanced by new places, new people and new contexts. On the Centre for Innovative Leadership’s Innovative Leaders GM Programme we’re off to Whakatane this week. We’ll learn some strategic accounting and finance, but our context will be the case-study. I am sure it will be easier to be present while present!

JJ spoke without notes or looking at the few powerpoint slides he displayed. It’s a given that a leader can talk to his or her topic from the heart. You don’t get heart sitting in your office with the pictures, certificates and files. It’s about being in amongst it. Whatever “it” might be. Makes you rich. Yes I decided I am rich. But there’ll be no capital gains tax on this wealth!