Authentic balance

I have to admit that the concept of work-home life balance hasn’t happened lately. In fact for quite some time it hasn’t. The demands of work seemed to have just keep on going and as I write this at 10.30pm it’s probably the equivalent to 7.30pm for others. Dinner just finished, now time to relax.

Authentic Balance means less worry

Should I be worried? If I’m damaging my health or my family and personal relationships probably yes. If not, I quite enjoy my work which provides me with quite a high level of satisfaction (as well as something to pay the bills with), so it’s not overly worried me.

I do get tired however, and need to watch that I am getting enough sleep (something my parents tell me about still!).

In this morning’s NZ Herald there is an article about Scott Maxwell who has a theory that the easiest way to get more work done is to work less hours. It sounds counter-intuitive, but I think I need to try it if for no other reason that I can write the occasional blog and get some more sleep.  I failed on my first attempt today, but I’ll keep giving it a go and see what happens.

Hopefully, it will ensure I don’t fall into the trap of believing that living only for work is actually justifiable as I did only three paragraphs ago!

That is neither authentic, or in balance.



3 thoughts on “Authentic balance

  1. I was meant to read this today. Resonates with me. I like the person I am when I am busy, work isn’t ‘work’ as such and I am probably over-committed in all the other activities I do. The only things I miss out on are alone-time and sleep. BUT, I do start to wonder about quantity and quality and just how much more creative I would be, if I let myself have some space. I am going to give this a whirl. Freedom from discipline?! Thanks for post.


  2. Stephen

    Miss your posts!

    Doing what we love often means we forget to take time to refresh. Authentic now seems to be mutating into resilient!

    On another note have you read the Tom Rob Smith trilogy related to Leo and starting with Child 44?

    Also the Roads to Freedom trilogy by Jean-Paul Sartre is also worth reading.

    Catch up sometime in the future for a coffee



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