A one-day weekend

It’s 1.00am on Saturday morning at Apia International Airport waiting for the departure of my flight at 2.00am.  To be more precise, the plane from NZ needs to arrive first, before it can think about turning about and going back. Half the departure lounge has emptied out for the other airline and it’s a hot, tired bunch of people waiting in the humidity here.

I arrive back at 5.00am on Sunday morning so pay back for my three-day weekend – I only get a one day one and then we start our Wisdom Retreat for Senior Leaders at midday. So it’s all work and no play for me right now.

Speaking of all play 59 years of marriage my parents celebrated Saturday.  A fine achievement!

It’s a very friendly place Samoa – well that’s been my experience this week – the pace is slow, the driving is excruciatingly slow at times: Island time is alive and well.

I got to know a couple of taxi drivers who would take me to dinner and then return, worrying about payment on the return visit – Mapu and Snoob. Last night Snoob’s, wife was in the car on way back from the Restaurant. She had just finished work.

Boarding soon. I’ve enjoyed the week, the training went well, this Palangi was treated very well and I hope I’ll be back. But I like home more – and that’s how it should be I reckon!



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