When I went to bed on Thursday night I thought I wasn’t 100% and Friday morning for speed training I wondered even more but just in case it wasn’t anything I went (and had a surprisingly good session!). But it was a virus the Doctor said and I’ve stayed home for a couple of days to recover and importantly (I say sanctimoniously!) so I didn’t share. Postponed quite a few appointments including a workshop which I’ve never done before but it was the right thing to do I’m sure. People seem to understand.

It’s a strange thing the onset of a virus – the tingling feeling, denial, blame and then acceptance. Then some more denial “I’m not going to ruin my weekend for the flu!” so a trip to the new Auckland Art Gallery. Beautiful.

Auckland Art Gallery

The other strange thing is how much you can actually get done at home – quiet activity on the computer – probably more than at work with its interruptions and appointments. Wondering if this should be my new office.

No leader is indispensible and being sick is a good opportunity to reflect and do some immediate and necessary reprioritising. Which is probably something I should do more frequently. Taking on too much at times I can be brutal with assessing what is important now and what can wait, but having a few days out put upon me has in a strange way helped me refresh my headspace, if not my sinus, even though I’m feeling crook.

“How’s the flu?” people say. “Great thanks, it’s doing really well, started in the throat, then the head, trying to get into my chest, it’s a fighter!”.

And yes, only a man would tell the world he was sick.

Go the flu!



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