Slightly excited

I’m feeling slightly excited. I ran the first module of our Innovative Leaders GM Programme last week and spent this week getting ready for the fifth run of our Authentic Leadership Course. And it all seems to be coming together (which you’d hope if you’re reading this and you’re joining the programme on Sunday!). I hope we haven’t left too much carnage on the way – my team are in really good shape (well they haven’t told me otherwise so let it rip on the comments now!) – but we have put our suppliers under pressure with so much to be done with so little time. They have all got there and I hope that as well as enjoying the business, they feel some positive energy as well as the pressure.

Energy is really important. I’ve worked in environments where the energy is not only lacking, it’s negative. Working where I do where there’s positive energy, gives me energy and I hope others feed off that. It’s like a perpetual motion machine, where the more energy you give the more you get, and so on. It’s an elusive thing this energy and some people, in an attempt to explain what they can’t explain, call it synchronicity or “the invisible force”, attaching some sort of quasi-supernatural notion to it.  It’s a reflection of what we do, how we communicate it, how open we are, how quick we can process but still reflect and whether we really want to make something happen.

A bit like leadership really.

So feeling slightly excited because we’ve done a lot, achieved what we wanted and enjoyed it (well mostly!) is a sign I think, that the team has performed. Well done I say. The team at CIL, some in the building, some out, and our suppliers.

I wasn’t sure where this was going when I started, but I started because I had some energy and ended up talking about energy in leadership and a high performing team. If that’s where your work is, I know how you feel. I don’t even want to say what it’s like not to be there, it’s so dull. Oh I just said it.

By the time you read this I will have done my running speed training in the morning. Friday’s going to be even more energetic!


Just for laughs (especially if you’re a decorator!):


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