A strange impact

On Thursday I was driving to work on Puhinui Road, Manukau.  A young woman was tailgating me and when I stopped at a pedestrian crossing behind another vehicle, she didn’t. Well, actually she did by driving into the back of my car. I felt like I was in one of those slow-motion TV adverts for car safety as my head was pushed forward and then lashed back with considerable force into the head restraint.

It hurt and gave me a headache for a couple of days. No-one else was hurt.

A few hours ago we started on our third Authentic Leadership Course and although it’s happened before, my heart was warmed by the level of early disclosure.  We’re all vulnerable, but we don’t show it and often we don’t even know we are vulnerable.

Showing your vulnerability requires trust, safety and courage.  Our group of leaders gathered at Waitakere today are showing great courage and I hope we are providing the trust and safety for us all.

My little car crash has made me feel vulnerable.

Strange impact.


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