Hey Mr Tiger, what do you bring to the table this year?

The Auckland Lantern Festival is a feast for the eyes and the mouth.  Inside the entrance to Albert Park is a brightly lit glass tiger, representing the animal that Chinese mythology prescribes for this year – the year of the tiger. So if are born in 2010 or going back, in multiples of 12 then the year of the tiger is your year. Like me!

Strolling around the Festival last night sporting the AUTCIL’s trademark “What makes you a leader?” T-shirt a group of teenagers called out “hey what makes you a leader”.  “What do you think?” I responded. “Oh this beautiful face” responded a girl.  “What is it?” said another.  “It’s what you have inside that makes you a leader” I said.  Still enthusiastic, Ms self-proclaimed Beautiful Face declared “It’s what you bring to the table”.

Well said.

What will you bring to the table during this year of the tiger?

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