Hey Santa, do you have the time?

As I write this Santa will be weaving his way around the suburbs delivering gifts to all the children and the children in us. It’s amazing how he finds the time.

This afternoon I visited someone in prison I know who is serving time for a teenage wrongdoing decades ago. It’s sad, but he’s strong and resilient and looking forward to having it all behind him.

It made me reflect about giving. What can you give to a prisoner? Actually, the only thing you can really give is your time. They’re not allowed anything else.

Strange thing that thing time. That’s what our kids want from us too, more than anything.

And so do all the people in our team. The leader with time. Quite simple really.

This evening I went to St Matthew’s in the City for the midnight carol service.   I don’t go to church but I do enjoy carols and I have discovered St Matthews as a place that embraces goodness and love – that’s good enough for me!  The church was packed. The organ was fantastic and my singing, well, what can I say? It sounded good on the inside!

We reflected at the service for a time on those who weren’t having a great year including those in prison. I don’t mind admitting I felt tearful.

But I know the most powerful gift I can give is time.  Giving also gives me strength and resilience.  That’s a pretty good bonus to keep.

Do you have the time?

I’m sure like Santa we can make some great time for everyone that matters.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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