A simple walk

I’m slowing getting used to working up high. I didn’t think much of it at first but after three weeks I’ve realised that there is something about working in a high-rise that gives me a different sense. Something not quite right at first.

I headed off on foot to return a DVD to the local video store tonight, then continued almost all the way to Mt Eden Village through the back streets. It’s a beautiful summer’s evening – someone was practicing the piano with the window open, a young man was watching a movie on his laptop on the balcony and Grandma’s (she’s getting a lot of airing in the blogs lately!) old house was looking tidy and calm. A peaceful warm night.

I’m tired in the evening nowadays, learning the ropes at my new work is taking a lot of energy and walking tonight up to the video shop had unexpectedly good consequences. Simple really, I felt grounded.

I often walk on the waterfront and it’s grand, great views and you never tire of it. But a walk around the streets was something very special. Summer, local people, crickets, and that simple feeling of being connected with what’s around. This could be the good old days of Summer 2012 finally upon us so don’t miss it. And it’s yet another moment, when feeling not quite right that I’ve found peace in a simple connection.

Just a simple walk.