Have you been making deposits in your Trust Bank?

I recently attended my Uncle Stan’s 80th birthday in Christchurch.  My cousins of a similar age to me who I had had virtually nothing to do with for over 30 years were there.   I suddenly became aware that we had gone from the usual pleasantries to something much deeper and more meaningful – in about two minutes flat.  The amazing thing was that it was entirely nature and, for us all, safe.  Why?  Could it be more than just a family connection I asked myself?  Tucked away in Steven Covey’s books is the concept of the trust bank.  We make deposits of trust through our own actions in any relationship.  Sometimes, regrettably, we make withdrawals, but it’s the balance that counts.  There is no visible central banking record to check your balance with anyone – as we practice and work on our trust banks a growing awareness of whether the balance is healthy or not is clear.  In fact, we all know it don’t we?  “I trust her” or “I feel safe with”, “I wouldn’t say too much to him”.  It’s not complicated but unlike the banks and finance companies of the current global crisis, those deposits stay there.  Sometimes for years.  Thanks Cousins!

We can have all the flash leadership theories, smart looking degrees and positions, but where are we without a trust and its close relative safety?  What are you doing to look after your account?


6 thoughts on “Have you been making deposits in your Trust Bank?

  1. First “who is doing your dirty work?” and then “trust” – very thought provoking!! My tuppence worth is “trust needs to be earned” and then respected. :o)


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